ENJOY & JOY LTD was established in 2000. From the very beginning our purpose was to produce a safe product made from natural raw materials. We gladly introduce our brand: Cream ENJOY. What is it used for? Cream ENJOY removes smell from armpit, feet, groin. Regulates perspiration, it is used for cracked heels and also the bite of mosquitoes. It calms sweaty, irritated areas. What makes this product special and unique? Cream ENJOY doesn't contain aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium acetate, alcohol, parabens,   lead acetate, boric acid. Cream contains a big amount of ingredients which we use in every day meal, for  example herbs oils and starches.  Its natural composition allows the users to feel comfortable so not to harm their health. What do majority of antiperspirants and deodorants promise? Dryness during 24 hours. How safe is it? What will happen if we resist our body such natural process as eating, drinking, sleeping….? The response is quite clear. As perspiration is the same natural process, to stop it by force will cause bad consequences: swell and degradation of lymphatic glands, which unfortunately happens very often. It has been tested for toxicity and allergenicity. Our product has users not only in Georgia but in other different countries. We have received many messages of thanks. 

  The company decided to produce Cream ENJOY in the new package which was named as a Deodorant Cream ENJOY. The cream was placed in the European standards tubes, which consist of several protective layers, which perfectly protect it from air, light and other negative factors. Using the tube is more comfortable. The new packaging allows the users to get information in different languages. 

   ENJOY & JOY LTD is going to continue innovations which users will learn from our website under the heading NEWS.